Decrypt Ransomware Worldwide

RansomHunter was born in response to the growth of ransomware attacks worldwide.

Companies With Sensitive Data that Trusted Us
+ 400
Total Data Decripted and Safe Recovered
+ 0 PB
Amount Saved Without Dealing with Hackers
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It is Possible to Decrypt Ransomware Files

According to research by Cybereason, 31% of US companies that have fallen victim to ransomware, shut down their activity. Leading this list is the UAE with 42%, followed by the UK with 34%, France 22%, Germany 21%, Singapore 20% and Spain 5%.

Facing this scenario, RansomHunter provides decryption services for ransomware files, through exclusive technologies that can bring back encrypted data on any storage device.

Giving remote solutions anywhere in the globe, with native language support for English, German, Italian and French languages.


$5B in 2017

$8B in 2018

$11.5B in 2018

$17B in 2020

$20B in 2021

$20 billion
Ransomware Hit

$4,300 in 2018

$5,900 in 2019

$5,600 in 2020

$6,500 in 2021

Average Plateaued per Incident

$46,800 in 2018

$141,000 in 2019

$274,000 in 2020

$380,000 in 2021

Average Cost Downtime Caused

16% Others

16% Malicious Websites

25% Poor User Practices

30% Weak Passwords

36% Lack of Cyber Security Training

67% Spam or Phishing Emails

Spam Emails
Most Common Methods in US

Trusted by Content-Critical Businesses Worldwide

Daniel Magalhães
Daniel Magalhães
CEO • Soway
Client Since 2019
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"Without any doubts this is the best data recovery company. Digital Recovery contact details will always be saved on my cell phone, as I will inevitably need it again."
Adauto Santos
Adauto Santos
Server Analyst • Kroton
Client Since 2017
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"The quality of the service is excellent. The attention given to the service is gratifying and the feedbacks that are given leave us calm, knowing that we can trust in the work and dedication."
João Schmidt
João Schmidt
CEO • Platz
Client Since 2016
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"The second time I count on the agility and professionalism of the Digital Recovery team, they are very experienced and agile. I recommend them to everyone".

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