Ransomware Decryption Services

RansomHunter is a division of Digital Recovery Group

No Dealing with Hackers
There is no contact or negotiation with the criminals, our solutions allow us to decrypt ransomware files without the need for a decryption key.
Multilingual Customer Service
Our experts can provide services in several native languages, such as: English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
Remote Recovery
Our solutions can be run remotely from anywhere in the world, we can decrypt files on various storage devices and totally secure virtual environment.
Data Security
The decryption process is done in a totally secure environment, we guarantee that no information will be disclosed through the confidentiality agree-ment (NDA).

About Us

RansomHunter is a division of Digital Recovery Group, focused on decrypting ransomware files.

We are a company based in the US, a division of Digital Recovery Group, a German conglomerate focused on data recovery. Our company’s greatest hallmark is the ability to develop unique technologies for data recovery, which has placed us among the best companies in the world in our field.

With the exponential growth of ransomware attacks, we identified the need to specialize in decrypting ransomware files, so we started researching and developing technologies suitable for this purpose.

RansomHunter was born as a response to the staggering increase in ransomware attacks around the world, our exclusive focus is the decryption of files attacked by ransomware, without the need for a decryption key.

We have chosen to position ourselves in the world center of ransomware attacks, in the US, putting us close to the companies that have been suffering daily with this very present evil.

With speed and agility we can apply our solutions in the most diverse companies, our services are not limited to American companies, we can reach companies all over the world.

Our Main Ofices Around the World

Our solutions are available to all countries in the world, through remote recovery performed from our laboratories.

Pompano Beach
São Paulo

Trusted by Content-Critical Businesses Worldwide

Daniel Magalhães
Daniel Magalhães
CEO • Soway
Client Since 2019
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"Without any doubts this is the best data recovery company. Digital Recovery contact details will always be saved on my cell phone, as I will inevitably need it again."
Adauto Santos
Adauto Santos
Server Analyst • Kroton
Client Since 2017
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"The quality of the service is excellent. The attention given to the service is gratifying and the feedbacks that are given leave us calm, knowing that we can trust in the work and dedication."
João Schmidt
João Schmidt
CEO • Platz
Client Since 2016
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"The second time I count on the agility and professionalism of the Digital Recovery team, they are very experienced and agile. I recommend them to everyone".
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