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RansomHunter is an American division of Digital Recovery Group, focused on decrypting ransomware files.

How we Saved a Power Company from Extortion by the REvil Sodinokibi Ransomware
We received a case of REvil Sodinokibi ransomware attack, at the time the group was among the largest and most effective ransomware in the world, the group's attacks were always targeted at large corporations, and in this case it was no different...

“Second time I count on the agility and professionalism of the Digital Recovery team, they are very experienced and responsive. I recommend them to everyone”.

João Schmidt • CEO • Platz • Client Since 2016

“The quality of the service is excellent. The attention given to service is rewarding and the feedbacks that are given put our minds at ease knowing that we can trust the work and dedication.”

Adauto Santos • Server Analyst • Kroton • Client Since 2017

How we saved a company from a Lockbit 2.0 Ransomware attack

It is possible to recover data after a Lockbit 2.0 Ransomware attack. We did and this is how it happened. We received a contact from a company that said it had suffered an attack and was unable to continue its activities. When they arrived at their offices, right after the weekend, they realized that a good part of their data was inaccessible. This was the situation: More than 10 virtual machines, all hosted on Windows Server that no longer boot due to malware in the environment, which prevented the company from functioning. The hacker group Lockbit, having invaded the environment set a ransom demand of

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How to Recover Data Encrypted by Ransomware!

We have managed to bring the last hope to companies and individuals who have suffered a catastrophic loss of data, losses that could result in bankruptcies, layoffs, disrepute in the corporate world, and many other consequences that are difficult to specify. Only those who have experienced the transformation of data loss know the financial and psychological consequences it causes. With all our experience we can recover your data in a safe and fast way. We have a large team of highly qualified professionals, exclusive software, and a confidentiality agreement (NDA Agreement) with all of our customers to ensure confidence in the contract and data recovery.

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