Decriptare Ransomware Glock

Il recupero di file criptati da ransomware Glock è possibile attraverso le soluzioni uniche sviluppate da RansomHunter

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Decriptare I File Ransomware Glock

RansomHunter è una società statunitense che appartiene al Digital Recovery Group, specializzata nella decriptazione di file ransomware relativi a server RAID, NAS, DAS o archivi SAN, database, macchine virtuali e altri dispositivi di archiviazione.

Il ransomware è diventato una delle principali minacce informatiche al mondo per le imprese. Nel 2021, i suoi attacchi hanno generato un’enorme perdita finanziaria, pari a più di 1 miliardo di dollari, solo negli Stati Uniti. Attualmente, il paese concentra il più alto tasso di attacchi ransomware del mondo, superando la somma degli attacchi ai paesi europei.

Poche tecnologie al mondo sono in grado di recuperare i file criptati dai ransomware, tra queste c’è il Tracer – la tecnologia proprietaria di RansomHunter – che è in grado di decriptare i file indipendentemente dal ransomware che ha fatto l’attacco.

Le nostre soluzioni possono essere eseguite a distanza in qualsiasi parte del mondo.


Processo di Recupero dei File Criptati dal Ransomware Glock

Seguiamo una politica “NO DATA, NO CHARGE” in tutti i nostri progetti di recupero dati. Prova la diagnosi iniziale in modo completamente gratuito parlando con i nostri esperti.

Il pagamento viene effettuato solo dopo che i file recuperati sono stati verificati dal cliente.

Disponiamo di un call center multilingue (inglese, tedesco, italiano e francese). Prova i nostri servizi di ripristino remoto.

I nostri processi sono su misura quindi all’altezza delle aspettative possono rimanere adattati in base a ogni caso particolare. Il nostro portafoglio porta successi nel recupero di diversi tipi di ransomware negli scenari più complessi.

Non negoziamo con gli hacker, e non raccomandiamo il pagamento o qualsiasi contatto con loro. Possiamo recuperare i file senza la chiave di decriptazione.

Dal primo contatto alla consegna dei file restaurati, sarete consigliati dai nostri esperti, con un feedback costante in ogni fase della ricostruzione dei dati.

Garantiamo la riservatezza e la sicurezza di tutti i dati attraverso un non disclosure agreement (NDA).

Puoi anche fornire il tuo modello NDA in modo che possiamo esaminarlo e firmarlo.

Recupero da Remoto
Siamo Sempre Online

Compila il modulo e ti contatteremo per iniziare il processo di decriptazione dei tuoi file. Sempre a tua disposizione, 24×7.


Remote File Submission

The files are sent to a controlled and totally secure virtual environment.


Advanced Diagnostics

We assess the extent of the damage caused by the ransomware.


Data Reconstruction

We decrypt the files using a proprietary technology.


Homologation and Rollback

The client validates the integrity of the restored files.

What to do if you are hit by a Ransomware


Isolate the Affected Device From the Rest of the Network

Many ransomware can move laterally in the hacked system, potentially reaching the other internal servers, so restricting the malware’s range is vital.

Check Backup

If the backup is up to date and has not been reached by the ransomware, the data can be restored quickly without further damage.

Avoid Contact With the Criminals

Hackers use psychological tactics to pressure the victim who is already weakened by the attack. Hackers rely on this weakness to extort the victim more easily.

Don’t Negotiate With Criminals

Any payment is strongly discouraged by government authorities, as these amounts finance the group for further attacks, and there is no guarantee that the decryption key will in fact be released.

Contact Government Authorities

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) leads the U.S. government’s efforts to combat cyber attacks.

Contact a Company That Specializes in Decrypting Ransomware Files

The damage caused by operational downtime can exceed the ransom value, so hiring a company like RansomHunter to decrypt the files is the best option.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ransomware Recovery

Every day, ransomware attacks are more developed. After a successful
attack attempt, the ransomware quickly
maps the user’s most important files to
begin encryption. Microsoft Office files,
databases, PDFs and images are among
its main targets.

Yes, yet the ransomware is designed not to be identified by the firewall, so it can infiltrate the company’s internal system and disable defenses, move laterally, and alter backup routines.

The user can identify the ransomware action, even if the system cannot identify it, the malware uses the system’s own resources for the encryption process, and may be slow to respond to user requests.

The file extensions are changed, a specific extension is added that mentions the attacker group. Stay tuned for these signs.

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Yes, it is possible. But there is a risk that some files will be corrupted. Once you identify the ransomware action on the system, disconnect the device from the internet, this will break the group communication with the malware, some ransomware can continue encryption even without internet access.

You can also initiate antivirus countermeasures to isolate the malware and delete it, if the antivirus has not been disabled by the ransomware.

Stopping the encryption is extremely difficult, the ransomware is designed to disable any system or user countermeasures, decreasing the chances of the process being interrupted.

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The attacks usually happen when there is a drop in the flow of users in the system, which happens on weekends and holidays, during the early hours of the morning, making these dates suitable for attacks.

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There are numerous encryption algorithms, but the most widely used are RSA [Rivest-Shamir-Adleman]-2048 and AES [Advanced Encryption Standard].

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First of all, keep calm, criminals count on the victim’s desperation. Follow these tips:

  • Isolate the affected device – The ransomware can move laterally through the system and reach other devices, so it is important to isolate its field of action.
  • Verify backup – If the backup has not been reached by the ransomware, data can be quickly restored without major problems.
  • Avoid contact with criminals – Criminals use psychological tactics to extort as much money as possible in the shortest possible time, the fact that the victim is emotionally involved with the incident makes him an easy target.
  • Don’t negotiate with the criminals – The group gives no guarantee that the decryption key will be released after the ransom is paid, you have to take only the criminals’ word for it. Besides the payment will fund the group for further attacks.
  • Contact government authorities – The government has agencies that specialize in combating cyber attacks, which will investigate the case.
  • Contact a company that specializes in decrypting Ransomware files – RansomHunter is able to decrypt ransomware files without the need for the decryption key, our solutions are an alternative to paying the ransom.


Get Expert Help to Decrypt Files ›

Yes, in the vast majority of scenarios, RansomHunter was able to decrypt the ransomware files without paying the ransom. This is only technically feasible because of the in-house development of a technology capable of reconstructing the data in a complete and structured way.

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After the first contact and sending of the data we will diagnose the files to check the extent of the damage caused by the ransomware, with this we can project the duration of the process and provide the quotation.

After the client approves the quotation, we start the decryption process, for this we have exclusive software that can, with the help of our specialists, reconstruct the data.

After the end of the process we will do a double check so that the client can verify the integrity of the recovered files (usually in a remote session).

Payment is only made after data validation by the client.

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