Case in Brazil

🇧🇷 How we Saved a Power Company from Extortion by the REvil Sodinokibi Ransomware

We received a case of REvil Sodinokibi ransomware attack, at the time the group was among the largest and most effective ransomware in the world, the group’s attacks were always targeted at large corporations, and in this case it was no different.

The attack occurred over a weekend, in fact, the ransomware had been on the company’s system for some time, the ransomware managed to hit 100 Virtual Machines that were hosted on a Windows X86 server.

This was a large-scale attack targeted specifically at the company. REvil used an RDP port, which is a port for remote access. The operation of the company was not completely affected, because the main servers were not hit by the attack, the servers that were hit were secondary.

The ransom demanded by the group was 2 million Reais, which the company refused to pay and started the search for an alternative solution to the payment and, among the solutions found, RansomHunter stood out from the others for its differentials and the free advanced diagnosis, which could completely map the encrypted data.

Soon after the advanced diagnosis, with the company’s endorsement, we immediately started the recovery. This case was extremely complex, what would normally be done in up to 10 days, was done in 30 days due to the high volume of encrypted data that was stored in different Virtual Machines.

But not even this complexity could stop our experts, who worked tirelessly to recover the files, using the help of Trace, a proprietary technology, without which the recovery would have taken months. After the process, 100% of the encrypted data was recovered.

This is just one case of the hundreds we have handled, and we have satisfied customers all over the world.

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